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Can we use Quick charger or Adaptive fast charger or Turbo charger with any other not compatible smartphones

       Nowadays, all major flagship smartphones comes with fast charging capability and this new charging technology has following names like fast charging, adaptive fast charging, quick charging, turbo charging and rapid charging according to different smartphone manufacturers. People buying these devices, will replace the previous charger with this new fast charger and use this for their new phone. But, when they need to charge their old phone, a question arises "whether we can use this new charger with our old smartphone?" and "Is it compatible with the old device?"


       The answer is yes, you can use faster charger with the older smartphones. This is because these fast chargers comes with 2 in 1 standard, where one works with fast charging phones and the other works with anti-fast charging smartphones. It just behave like the USB power supply, when the charger is connected to non-compatible devices. The normal USB power output will be 5V, which is considered as the USB standard voltage. But in the case of  fast charging, the output voltage will be between 9V to 12V depending on the smartphone manufacturer.

     The truth about this, is the smartphone which is requesting the fast charger to enable the fast charging mode. If the same fast charging smartphone is connect to a normal charger, the phone will request like before and since there is no feature for that, it will automatically switch for the normal charging mode.  The same thing is happening in the Quick Charge 2.0(a new fast charging technology from Qualcomm), where the quick charge will only work with the smartphones which are licensed with Qualcomm's charging technology.

     There is a similar question regarding this topic, that is "Can we use any other standard USB charger with the fast charging smartphone?". The answer for this question is also Yes, we can use the normal charger with the fast charging smartphone. This also works in the same way as explained before. The point is that, we should use standard chargers with the fast charging smartphones or anti-fast charging smartphones. If we tend to use local chargers that are not compatible, there is a chance that, it will affect the battery-life of the smartphones.